Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little time to breathe

Life has been crazy recently! Christmas has come and gone, family visits have come to an end, lots of eating has been done, beautifully wrapped presents have been ripped open and put away (okay, maybe not all put away, but I'm getting there!), and we're gearing up for a New Year's celebration with some friends!

After having lunch and spending the day with my grandparents, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church and out to Bonefish (yum!) with my parents, brother, & sister. We had such a great time at dinner--laughing, catching up, and sipping on wine & martinis. Then we proved our skills on Rockband. Ashley on vocals, Taylor on guitar, Jordan on bass, and me on the drums. Look out for us, our new band will be rocking your world soon :)

Christmas was such fun! Jordan and I decided to stay the night at our own house, so that we could wake up and open each other's presents together. Then we headed back over to mom and dad's with the pups in tow. We opened presents and then got to spend time with my other grandparents. Then, more Rockband...and dad got a Wii, so we broke that in too!
Aren't my babies cute?

Friday we were off to the exciting town of Jesup, GA to visit Jordan's family. Never heard of it? Well, you are really missing out on...a whole lot of NOTHING!! Here's how we spent our time...

Remote Control Cars, Three-Wheeler & Dirt Biking:

I love his family, so it was nice to see everyone! These outdoor activities are not always my idea of great fun, but I was able to enjoy myself and just sit in the sun and relax. 80 degrees two days after Christmas? Yes, please!
As far as baby making goes-it doesn't look like we'll be getting any sort of miracle on this break. Who knows? I guess there is always a chance--1-2% chance to be exact--haha! We'll see!! AF is due around Jan. 7, and I am so ready to get this show on the road. This FET is going to work. I just know it. It has to...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Mother Nature,

Please make up your mind already. This whole 80 degrees one day and 40 the next isn't going to cut it. My cold is never going to go away! Please choose one-hot or cold-and stay there for a while. Mmmkay? Thanks!


Monday, December 15, 2008


I've come up with the brilliant idea to make t-shirts to give people in exchange for donating money to our "make a baby fund."

They will read:
(Front) I helped knock up Rebekah!!
(Back) ...and all I got was this stupid t-shirt (possibly with a picture of me grinning and giving a big thumbs up?)

I can picture it now...my friends, siblings, mom & dad will all be walking around broadcasting to the world that they contributed to getting me knocked up.

What do you think? I think I'm a genius. Thankyouverymuch! :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I should be a mommy today...

Well, I've known since April that this day would come. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even consider it a pregnancy loss b/c I do realize it was so early. But, then again, I knew that I was pregnant. Pee sticks and blood tests confirmed it. It counts in my book. I can't help but imagine what we would be doing now (rushing to the hospital? holding my baby in my arms? trying different "tricks" to bring on labor?!). This should have been the happiest day!!

I'm not as sad as I thought I would be. I'm just kind of in my own world. Actually, I'm mostly angry. This is so not fair, and as each day passes I'm getting more and more ticked off that I can't have a baby.

No one should have to endure the pain of IF and/or pregnancy loss. EVER.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis The Season!

I sat down a couple of times last week to write, but my mind was blank. Nothing was going on. We're still on our break. No shots, no crazy hormones, no exciting stir-up stories...life is boring. Then I realized, NO shots, NO crazy hormones, NO exciting stir-up stories...life is GREAT!! As much as I'm ready to get back in the game, it has been so nice to be able to not think about shots, doctor appointments, and which pills I'm supposed to be taking at what time. And life is far from boring...

Thanksgiving has come and gone. By the looks of many retailers since, I don't know, the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving didn't even exist! We took a (very) quick trip up to Nashville, TN to see Jordan's grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was pretty fun, but one of his cousins had just had a m/c, and their grandmother would NOT stop talking about it. Nobody there (except J's parents) know about mine, so it was just awkward! I know his cousin was ready to stop talking about it!! Other than that though, it was nice to see family that we haven't seen in years!

It's Christmas time! We have our tree up and our decorations out, and the house smells of cinnamon and fresh cut Christmas trees. It is fabulous. Though I detest cold weather, this is my favorite holiday. I love buying gifts, singing Christmas carols and hymns, and celebrating the birth of our Saviour. He is the reason for the season-don't let the lights and blow-up lawn ornaments fool you!

Hollee and John were married this past weekend! We had such a great time, and the wedding was beautiful. I think the day was perfect. I haven't had a chance to talk with the bride yet, but I'm sure she had a wonderful time. Congrats guys! Welcome to the world of marriage :)

In not so great news...Jordan's dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is in the very early stages, and everyone is very hopeful. I don't know enough about the cancer, but we have had several people reassure us that this particular illness is one of the "easiest" to fight. Of course, it is cancer, so I use the term easy loosely. Please keep J's dad in your prayers.

And last but certainly not least, we are in the final countdown to FET #3. The break is almost over. AF is here, so we'll be starting our next cycle in about 28 days. I know you wanted to know that. :)