Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our next step

Dr. L (my RE) and Dr. E (the RE who did my ET this time b/c Dr.L was out of town) have had a chance to talk and compare notes...unfortunately, their notes from each transfer differ a lot :( Dr. L says that my first transfer was a breeze and getting the catheter in was not a problem. Dr. E didn't feel the same about my FET. She had a very difficult time with: 1. finding my uterus (yikes) and 2. getting the catheter in. They are thinking that I might have a polyp and don't want to do another FET until further tests are done. (The waiting sucks, but no point in doing one if we know something will prevent it from working.)

I will be doing a Trial Transfer and Saline Sonogram this next cycle to see if there is anything going on that doesn't need to be. If everything is clear, FET #2 will be in September. If not, well, I'm not sure what you do with polyps. I think you just take medicine and it passes with AF?? We'll cross that bridge when we get there!

The BEST news is that my doc isn't charging me for these!! He is only charging a co-pay for an office visit! What a relief!

Our IF journey in a nutshell (so far...)

J and I got married on June 4, 2005. I went on birth control about a month before the wedding and hated it! Around August, I started talking to J about coming off of birth control. In October, 2005, we decided to go off BCP and start trying. We just had fun the first six months. After that, I started using OPKs. I detected my surge each and every month like clockwork. When October, 2006, rolled around, we started to think something was up. I was too scared to go to the doctor, so I put it off!
In January, 2007, I made an appointment with my obgyn to talk about everything. She did CD3 bloodwork and had J do a SA. The SA came back with very low count and borderline low everthing else :( She recommended that we go to the RE. Once again, we were scared--and shocked, honestly--and didn't make an appointment with the RE until May. He did another SA (same results) and then told us IVF would probably be our only option. He wanted to do some bloodwork on J whenever we were ready. Once again, we waited...
Shortly after that appointment, my mom told me about a news story she saw on the local news channel about "The Conception Kit." A kit sold from Canada where you have sex normally, collect the semen in a "condom," put it all into a collection cup, and put the cup up next to the cervix for the night. It was only $300, so we thought it was worth a shot. It came with a 3-month supply-August-BFN, September-BFN, October-BFN...
So, in November I finally called the doctor back and we got the b/w done. Our doctor gave us a 1-2% chance of getting pregnant on our own or with IUI and strongly suggested IVF w/ ICSI. We started the IVF process in February 2008.

Schedule for IVF #1:

Feb 17-Start BCP
Feb 25-TOT & SIS
March 5-Start lupron
March 11-Start Follistim & menopur
March 19-Trigger

March 21-ER; start PIO (15 embryos!)
March 26-ET (2 blasts transferred, 7 made it to freeze)
April 1-BFP!!
April 4-Beta-210
April 7-Beta-179 (they suspected twins and I was losing one)
April 9-Beta-153 (everyone still hopeful...but me)
April 14-Beta-12 (it's official-chemical pregnancy)

April 28- Follow up appointment--no reason for m/c other than "it happens;"
scheduled to do FET #1 in June

Schedule for FET #1:
May 28- Start Estrace
June 14- Start PIO 2x a day
June 20- ET (2 blasts transferred)
July 2- Beta-BFN :(

And that brings us to today...