Thursday, December 30, 2010

15 months

First and foremost...THANK YOU for all the congrats!!

I'm a week late on this one, but better late than never, right?! Just go with it. ;) Right before Christmas, we hit the 15-month mark! Unreal! This little monkey is growing up WAY too fast. And, like other moms would probably say, it just keeps getting better!

Fun facts (for me, atleast!)--
-14 teeth, with 2 more on the bottom ready to show any day
-Loves to point. Anything that catches his attention, he points at and grunts. At mom and dad's house, it's usually cookies!
-Flicking light switches on and off is like an Olympic sport in our house
-He loves other kids. Whenever we're around other kids, he stares them down and then squeals with delight! So fun! (I hope he feels the same about his baby brother or sister...)
-He's started to notice his toys. Yes, this seems weird, but he has never really been interested in all the toys we have at the house. Too many other things to investigate. But recently, he's really started to enjoy pushing trucks around (vroom, vroom!) and no matter where he goes, he likes to have something in each hand!
-He's started to repeat more words, and staples are dog, more, dada (dadddddyyyy!), and mamaaaaa. Though he doesn't talk a lot of English, he seems to be fluent in Chinese ;)
-Though he doesn't say a ton, he surprises me with how much he understands! Smarty pants!
-Such a good sleeper! We're still on 2 naps a day (most everyday), and he usually sleeps 1.5-2 hours at each nap. Sometimes more. It's great to be able to say, "Are you ready for a nap?" and he has a look that just says, "Yes, I'm ready!"
-He loves playing chase. Especially around the table. He'll go into the kitchen, crouch down and freeze with a smile on his face and just wait for someone to come chase him!
-Meal time (lunch & dinner) have been challenging recently. He doesn't like meat and has decided that any vegetables are of the devil. But fruit of any kind and pasta are still hits. Dr.H suggested that I give him some vegetable juice and avoid the "fight," which could cause him to hate mealtime altogether. I like that plan!

15 month stats: (I'm going to put the percentages, but I've noticed on other mommy blogs that doctors must all use different charts. Some have higher numbers with lower percentages and vice versa--makes no sense to me. Are percentages even important?!?!)
-Weight: 25lb, 10oz; 75%
-Height: 32 in; 75%
-Head Circumference: 19 1/4 in; 90%

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

feeding himself

Look at my big boy using a spoon! It went pretty well until he stuck his hand in the yogurt container, got it stuck, freaked, and flung it across the kitchen trying to get it out. Wish I had gotten that on video!!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

quick update

I've been slack. I'm just so exhausted that even when I have the time to sit down and blog or, I don't know, anything, I don't. And now, Hampton and I are both sick again. This never ending cold is the pits. I really don't think it is ever going to go away. What a drag. But enough with complaining...I have good news!

We had another u/s yesterday and got to see our little munchkin. He was right on track at 8w4d and had a nice strong heartbeat of 168!! It's just as amazing the second time around to see that little blob on the screen. We are just starting to see the arm and leg buds, and he made the slightest little wiggle when he first showed up on the screen. (I know, I have no idea if it's a "he," but that just comes more naturally.) We're still at the RE-because he's awesome- and will go back one more time the Monday after Christmas. I had some spotting last week and let him know that it concerned me, so he thought one more u/s wouldn't hurt. I couldn't agree more!

And, now, introducing "munchkin"!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

testing. testing.

Kids are smart. I mean, really smart. There's one thing that gets me, though. How do they know who they can test and who they probably shouldn't? Hampton goes across the street a couple days a week to our friend's house to play with her little guy, G, while I go to work. She almost always has great reports for me--he eats well, goes right down for naps with no problem, etc. He is such a good baby, and I really have NO complaints, but these days, he is testing everything. I say no, he goes after it not one but two, three or more times. I put him down for a nap, he stands up, screams and has to be picked back up. Eating-if you dare put one thing on his tray that he does not approve of, it gets flung to the floor (or counter or my shirt. You get the idea!). And when Jordan or myself does put a foot down, oh.em.gee., this kid can throw a tantrum. He gets down on the floor and thrashes and rolls about. Honestly, I have to hide my face b/c I can't help but laugh. Where do they learn these things?! I promise I fling myself onto the floor in rage very rarely! Thankfully, though, it is just US that he seems to be testing (and sometimes my parents-sorry Mimi and G-dad!). He's well behaved in public and at others' houses, for now!

Hold me mommy!!
He's not all that bad! :)
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Friday, December 3, 2010

pretty pretty baby-winner!

Congrats to commenter #6...JOCELYN!! Please contact me at to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who participated!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are you sitting down for this?

Hampton is going to be a....

(If we're friends IRL and on faceb.ook, please nothing there. I'd like to wait a little while longer before shouting from the rooftops!)

Woohoo! I just found out last Sunday that I am pregnant!! Jordan and I are in complete and utter shock, but, of course, we are thrilled beyond words! I had blood work done the next Monday (beta 22,000), so I went in for an ultrasound Tuesday. All checked out and the baby measured 5w6d. I went back today and had another u/s. The baby measured 6w3d (according to lmp, it should be 6w4d, so right on track. I guess it was just bigger last week?! I hope...) and it had a heartbeat of 127! It's starting to settle in, but it's still so hard to believe. Our prayers were answered! God is good!! My EDD is 7/23/11!!

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wordless wednesday: Thanksgiving at the park

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pretty pretty baby-giveaway!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stella and Dot CyberMonday!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

14 months

Hampton is such a busy little guy these days. He runs and runs until he collapses. It is fun, crazy, and oh-so-tiring!! All of the toys in are house are seriously a waste right now. This curious little guy loves exploring the house, peeking in closets and behind closed doors, and ripping through all the "unlocked" cabinets. He used to sit in his pack-n-play and drink milk, play with toys and occasionally glance at Mickey Mouse on the tv while I was showering and getting ready, but now, he wants to be out out out!! (This is when the unlocked bathroom cabinets come in handy. He looks through everything while I'm right there blowdrying and straightening my hair. Win. Win!)

Fun new things this month:
-H now goes to my friend K's house 2 days a week while I'm at work. Her youngest, G, is 3 months younger than him, and they have such a great time playing! I'm so fortunate that she has been able to help me out in this way, and H is getting to spend time with other little ones!
-We experienced our first "real" sickness-croup. I never thought the misery would go away, and he still has a lingering cough and some congestion, but it is clear that the real sickness is gone.
-2 molars have popped through (possibly more! I think I felt his top ones tonight but need to check again), and he now has 10 teeth total. I love his big grin when you can see every last one!
-He's a little acrobat. He loves to bend over and stand on his head!
-Eating has gotten much better. He's still finicky about some things (vegetables in particular)
-I haven't found a fruit he doesn't like.
-He doesn't say much but babbles a lot, but he definitely understands what we say! We'll tell him to get his ball and he goes and finds one or I'll say "Eww. You're stinky! Let's go change your diaper" and he'll walk back to his room and wait at the changing table. I love it!
-He LOVES being outside! Running in the grass, wagon rides, runs with mom & dad-you name it, if he's outside, he's happy!
-Second to outside, the bathtub is still his other favorite. He plays and splashes and pours water over his head and loves every second!

It was pretty hard to capture a picture this month. I had to chase him down to get one of his face! I'm going to have to try again...
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

it's a little like crack

The kid and his paci, that is. He didn't like it as a newborn. We seriously went through many options before realizing the only one he was going to take was the Soothie. He would take it every once in a while, but he was perfectly happy without. Then, he became very predictable with it: when he was tired, he searched until he found his paci, put it in his mouth, and came to be rocked. Now, he's an addict. He wants his paci most of the time, and I would not dare leave the house without it.

I don't know what happened here....we went backwards. I'm not stressing about it now because it doesn't bother me that he still likes his paci. We'll cross that bridge when we get there! :/
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free holiday Cards for bloggers!

Last year was the first time that I sent out Christmas cards. I never thought I'd be one of those people who sent out a picture of my child(ren) each year, but you better believe that changed when Hampton came into the picture! Last year, I used an online site to design a card and printed it myself to save money. I was not pleased with the quality, but it was the best I could do at that point. This year, I want to do better. Enter Shutterfly! When I read on another blog, The Power of the Pink Lines, that Shutterfly was giving away Christmas cards to bloggers, I HAD to see what it was about. They have some adorable photo cards!

Here are a few of my faves:I'm having a hard time narrowing down which card we will actually use, but I'll be sure to share it once it's complete. First, I have to find an outfit for the monkey AND take his picture. Ah-so much to do!

Shutterfly also has birthday cards, photo mugs, calendars, you name it! Make sure to check out their site for your holiday cards, and if you're a blogger, take the time to register your blog for the 50 FREE holiday Cards! Who doesn't like FREE STUFF?!?

(P.S. Scroll over the site name throughout this post, and there are links. I don't know why they don't show up differently. I'm working on figuring that out...)
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

first haircut

We finally found the time on Saturday to go get the monkey's mullet cut off...I mean first haircut! Poor kid was starting to look a little too shaggy! We went to a kids salon, where they have a firetruck and airplane chairs! I was fearful there would be tears, but he was such a champ. So, here we are, another milestone that proves my baby is really not a baby anymore. ::sigh::Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the never ending sickness

Hampton came down with a cold (or maybe a sinus infection?) the night before Halloween. He was so pitiful that whole week, but I knew the end would be near. A couple days in, I became sick as well. Taking care of a sick baby while you feel so bad yourself is the pits! By Thursday, I had no voice, and H seemed to be losing his as well. Add in some raspy breathing and seal bark coughs, and we decided it was time to call the doc. After a visit to the after hours clinic, we were told he had fluid in his right ear but no infection. Other than that, he had a cold, and to continue with vicks vapor rub, saline and suction. Ugh!

Fast forward a week, and his cold has not gone away. I guess this is fairly "normal," but to us it wasn't. At night, his coughing was getting worse, and he was gasping for breath after coughing fits, so I knew it was time to call the doc again. He's now been diagnosed with croup and been given steroids to take over the next 4 days. I hate that he's been so uncomfortable and that there is just nothing I can give him to make it better. I hope it goes away for good very soon!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

back to the doctor

Monday we had our first appointment with the RE about starting this whole process again. I love our doctor and the nurses there. We walked in and everyone was so excited to see us. While we were in the waiting room (which was FOREVER thanks to two emergencies having to be taken care of), our doctor walked in the front office and saw Jordan and I sitting there and gave a big goofy grin and waved. A & S, our two nurses, asked to see pictures of Hampton, wanted to know when we were going to start again, and kept saying how happy they were to see us back. These people really enjoy what they do, and A even made the point of saying that not just any nurse could work at an RE's office. I couldn't agree more!

Once we got in to talk to Dr. L, it was quick. He basically said that I could start as soon as my next AF--testing in November, BCPs in December, and ER/ET in January. This actually took me a little by shock. I didn't think they would do anything over the holidays, but once he said that, I realized that I wouldn't be stimming really until the new year. This gave me butterflies in my stomach, but more excitement than nervousness!!

BUT, we won't be starting that early. We just aren't prepared to pay the $10,000 (+ cost of meds) right this second. And we would have to VERY quickly with that plan! We've decided to go talk to our friend at the bank, where we got our original loan, and see what our different options are. The RE's office is now offering a discount if you buy 2 IVF cycles at the same time. Unfortunately, if you get a BFP that first cycle, you've spent money that you didn't need to. For us, it only took one fresh IVF and three frozen IVFs to get pregnant, so if that was the case again, it would still be cheaper to not pay for 2 fresh cycles up front, even with a discount. Of course, there is that little voice that says, "you never know." (Shut up, stupid voice.) Their new finance plans haven't been approved yet, so I don't know if that will help us this time, either. Ah, the joys of fertility treatments....

So, here we are. I have the paperwork, and all I have to do is make the call. Dr. L is going to go ahead and "present our case" in their next meeting so that we can be ready to go whenever.

Yikes! Yay! Please, God, help me to stay a sane person through the process this time around!!!

And just for a laugh, my silly monkey:

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