Sunday, August 24, 2008

Try, Try Again

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what they say...whoever "they" are. So, here we go! Okay, well, not quite yet, but we're getting ready.

We have decided to do our second FET! I'm ready to try again and hopeful that this is IT! The nurse ordered all of my meds, and they will be here next week. I'll start with estrace on day 1 of the next cycle, and my transfer will be around the end of September--they are guessing the 24th or 25th. And so we wait.

And in very exciting news-I got my Nine West sandals! I knew being patient would pay off. They were 50% off plus an additional 15% off-holla! I love a great deal :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

No polyps & No answers

I'm back from the RE and everything looks perfect-yay for no polyps! But boo for no answers.

My doc kept talking about what we would do different next time...longer protocol starting out on lower med doses, metformin, etc. (This is b/c I stimmed so fast the first time, almost too fast--He's thinking possibly an egg issue?). How did he come up with the idea of a possible egg issue? I have no idea! Of course, all of this talk pertains to a fresh cycle--going through the BCP, all the shots, ER, ET-the works!

I was really confused and asked, "What about our 5 frozen embryos?" He didn't seem very optimistic about doing another FET, but said we could try that again. He lowered our chances to 25% w/ FET. Crap. He all but said it probably wasn't going to happen with FET, but said because of the money-$13,000 compared to $3,000-he would opt to do another one. We can't afford another fresh cycle right now, so that is really our only choice. :(

So, even though I had no polyps, we got pretty crappy news. I'm just feeling so down.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to life...back to reality...

We took a little mini vacay this weekend, and it was wonderful. My sister flew home from Oregon, and I actually convinced J to take the weekend off and join me and the fam at the beach-both sets of grandparents and friends of my sis included! Boy am I glad. We did NOTHING for 3 days but lay in the sun and chill out. It was most definitely needed (and deserved, if I say so myself!). We had great weather, great food, and lots of laughs. I wish we didn't have to leave so soon. But, no worries, I will be back there in two weeks for the best friend's bachelorette weekend! Can't wait :)
I'm now back at home, watching TV and counting down until tomorrow. I don't know why, but I am really nervous about my appointment tomorrow. I've heard that the SIS is no big deal, and I've heard it can be pretty uncomfortable. I'm such a wimp...I'm really praying for the first option! Although, I've made it this far in the process without many problems, so how bad could it really be?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trial Transfer/SIS Scheduled

My Trail Transfer and SIS is scheduled for 8/18. I'm anxious to see what, if anything, is going on. The nurse told me that if I do have a polyp, I could just take some medicine, and it would pass on its own. Well, I've been doing some reading and can only find where polyps are removed via surgery. Umm...yikes :(

I don't know what to pray for:
  • No polyps? But then why can't I get pregnant? Not finding anything=not helpful!
  • To find a Polyp? But I really don't want them to find something wrong! And surgery?!?
  • Something else? But what...?

I want some answers, but I also don't want there to be something wrong. Why can't this be easy? So, let's pray for safety and that all the tests go smoothly and for minimal discomfort. Yeah, that sounds good! I'll let God take care of the rest :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Opinions, please!

I'm ready for a change, and I think a new haircut is just the thing!

What do you think of this 'do? All opinions are welcome :)

On a side note--since my pic is of Tori Spelling, I will come right out and admit that I am addicted to the show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood." I know, it's embarassing, but I love it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Living for the Weekends

This weekend was great (& stress free)! We spent a lot of time with mom and dad. What can I say? We love 'em! I'm sure one of these days they are going to finally admit that they are sick of us :-) Until then...

We went to see The Dark Knight on Friday. The movie was really good, but I think people built it up so much that I wound up being disappointed. It seemed to drag. But there were really good and some pretty funny parts. We went and ate some Poblano's after the movie. As usual, it was delish. You can never go wrong with Mexican, right? It was an enjoyable night out. Favorite quote from mom, "How did they get his (Two Face's) make up to look like that? His cheek really looked hollow." was digitally inhanced mom, not make up! Oh, and dad wants to start a business and call it "Wayne Enterprises." Help me now!

On Saturday, mom and I shopped 'til we dropped. It was tax free weekend here in GA, and even though no taxes doesn't save you that much, we found lots of great stuff...on SALE! Awesome! My favorite purchase of the day is a dress from Ann Taylor. It is a silk dress in a beautiful forest green w/a skinny belt. I love it! And it was on sale for $39.99 from $188--nice! I also got several shirts and another cute dress from Old Navy. Oh, and I can't forget the Swiffer Sweeper/Vac. This thing makes getting up dog hair on wood floor and tile a breeze! Definitely a good purchase :). Surprisingly, I ended the day with NO NEW SHOES! But I do have my eye on some Nine West heels and some Carlos Santana sandals (and some by Jessica Simpson, they are surprisingly comfortable --but I refuse to buy her stuff--she annoys me!) All in all, it was a successful shopping day!

Sunday was nice. We slept in (oops) and spent the day by the pool with mom and dad and the dogs. It was so incredibly hot, and the pool felt wonderful. I became a permanent fixture on the float. Nothing too exciting, but oh so relaxing!

The weekend goes by too fast. Tomorrow it's back to the office...searching for something to do! 5 more days until Friday...