Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our next step

Dr. L (my RE) and Dr. E (the RE who did my ET this time b/c Dr.L was out of town) have had a chance to talk and compare notes...unfortunately, their notes from each transfer differ a lot :( Dr. L says that my first transfer was a breeze and getting the catheter in was not a problem. Dr. E didn't feel the same about my FET. She had a very difficult time with: 1. finding my uterus (yikes) and 2. getting the catheter in. They are thinking that I might have a polyp and don't want to do another FET until further tests are done. (The waiting sucks, but no point in doing one if we know something will prevent it from working.)

I will be doing a Trial Transfer and Saline Sonogram this next cycle to see if there is anything going on that doesn't need to be. If everything is clear, FET #2 will be in September. If not, well, I'm not sure what you do with polyps. I think you just take medicine and it passes with AF?? We'll cross that bridge when we get there!

The BEST news is that my doc isn't charging me for these!! He is only charging a co-pay for an office visit! What a relief!


izzabelly said...

I hope everything is great at your appt. I'm glad you made a blog, I need to make one!

JackiJaguar said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It's been beyond therapeutic for me to get all of my thoughts down. I look forward to reading more!

Katie said...

Saw your post on the Nest. Welcome to blogland! I think you'll find it super therapeutic, and there is such a great community of women out here! Good luck with everything!

t.bird said...

hooray for blogs!