Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nauseau and Bloating and Exhaustion, Oh My!

So, the good news is that all signs point to I am still pregnant! Starting last Friday, I have felt so gross...morning, noon, and night. It's not fun! BUT, I did pray and beg God for such thrilling signs of pregnancy for almost 3 years (I didn't for the first few months, but then I got desperate!), so I really can't complain. I haven't actually gotten sick yet, thank goodness, but it has just been an overwhelming feeling of yuckiness all.day.long. Mom suggested that I put graham crackers on my bedside table and eat one or two before getting going in the morning. That seems to help a little. She said that dad fixed her a cup of hot chocolate everyday when she was pregnant and brought it to her before she got up. Lucky for Jordan, hot chocolate does NOT sound good to me! Goldfish and Bagel Bites seem to do the trick for me right now :)

Tomorrow is my 2nd u/s! I'm very excited with a hint of nervous. Like I said, all signs point to still pregnant, but every once in a while, a tiny voice in the back of my head says "What if?". Not cool, little voice, not cool! I'll update tomorrow when I get back from the RE!


Kelly said...

Sorry you are feeling so yucky. That IS a good sign, though! I'm anxious to hear how your ultrasound goes tomorrow - good luck!!

theworms said...

I can't wait for morning sickness :) So glad everything is going well. GL tomorrow, can't wait to hear about the little one.

t.bird said...

i'm sorry you feel so gross- but i'm glad too!!
i'm praying that tomorrow's u/s is fab!

♥Tabitha said...

Yay!! You'll be in my prayers!!