Friday, September 16, 2011

2 months

Colton is 2 months old! Oh my! These two months have been amazing. We're definitely falling nicely into the role of "family of 4." Without sitting down and discussing things, Jordan and I have just fallen into our new roles. The baby needs to eat? Jordan takes care of dinner. I'm giving Colton a bath? Jordan grabs Hampton and gets him in the tub. I hop in the shower before getting in bed? Jordan makes sure that there are diapers and wipes next to the bed for the middle-of-the-night change. It works.

 Even though I've done this before, I'm in shock at how much a baby changes in the first 2 months! Colton is so alert, loves to check out everything going on around him, and unlike his big brother, is happy to chill out in his swing or on the activity mat for a little while. He has the sweetest little smile and when you tickle his stomach he smiles and pulls his legs and arms in to grab your hand! Sleep (knock on wood) is wonderful. He takes great naps and wakes up once during the night to eat and goes right back to sleep. The only hiccup is that he is in this stage where he "cluster feeds" (eats off and on for a few hours) every night before bed. He can be a bit fussy during this time, and I can't quite figure it out. Not sure if he's sleepy and fighting it, hungry, has a tummy ache, or what. But I'm sure it will pass soon, so for now, I camp out in my bed and just feed and bounce and love on him until he goes to sleep for good.

At Colton's 2 month well visit, we learned that he had an ear infection. Hampton was kind enough to share his cold with Jordan and Colton, but I was surprised to hear this! Hampton had no ear infections through his first year (and only 1 ever), so it makes me nervous that this little guy has one already. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of bad things to come... Since he had an ear infection and would have to come back in 2 weeks for a recheck, we got to postpone the dreaded shots. I'm not looking forward to that! :(
Although Colton seems so teeny tiny to me, he's a little chunkster! He weighed in at 12 lbs, 9 oz and was 22 inches. Yay for my big boy!!
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