Friday, December 16, 2011

5 months

This month has flown by! I'm sure the holiday season is the main reason because we have been so incredibly busy! And Colton, sweet thing he is, just goes with the madness.

Colton is keeping us on our toes, that's for sure! His "routine" is that he has no routine. I think if I was a first time mom, this might drive me insane. But we just go with it, and he sleeps when he wants, eat when he wants, and plays in between! He is still a great sleeper, going down these days between 8:30 and 9:30 and usually sleeping until about 7. He does still wake up once during the night, but is back asleep after 5-10 minutes. I can't complain! (Jordan might, though, since he's still in our room! It's just so easy to reach over and grab him when he wakes up!)

This month:
-What a personality this little guy has! He is (usually) so content, and has quite a lot to babble and giggle about.
-Anything and everything goes into his mouth. And the slobber...there's so much!!
-The rolling is out of control. Colton is all over the place, and he gets there fast!
-He's working on sitting up on his own. I'm surprised at how close he is to staying up for more than a second or two.
-Ear infections have been an every few weeks occurrence with this guy. I'm hoping we can get things under control. If not, the "t" word has been brought up.
-"Spitting up" does not begin to describe what this kid does. He pukes all.the.time. We change clothes a lot!
-Speaking of puking, we survived our first stomach bug. Scariest. Moment. Ever. I am usually pretty calm and laid back when it comes to being a mom, but watching him get sick, screaming in pain each time, and then his limp body when it was all over was too much for me. Thankfully, it was all over by the next morning and no one else caught it.

More pictures?

I'm growing up so fast!
Another month older. He'll be six months old so soon. I can't stand it!

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Jennifer said...

Wow - 5 months HAS gone so quickly! He is adorable and I loved the update.