Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Colton!

Colton turned one on July 16. I can't even describe how crazy this is to me. I swear this was the fastest year of my life. We never slowed down. Even when we had "nothing" going on, there were 2 children to care for, and the days just flew. I'm in awe of these little guys. Shocked that I'm the mother of not one but TWO toddlers. And desperately clinging to the last little bit of "baby" that is left in this little guy.

1 year:
-He doesn't just walk, he runs!
-8 teeth
-Several words: mama, dada, uh oh, hey, bye bye, no, ball (bah).
-Sleeping has gotten to be okay. He usually sleeps through night 7:30/8ish-7ish. Naps are still hit or miss. He'll take one good one, usually. I just don't know what time it will come. I can't complain.
-He is still nursing, but only once or twice a day. I think it's more of a comfort thing at this point.
-My "big boy" has turned into a little runt! His stats at his 12 month appointment: 20lb, 7oz. and 29.5in. That is 1/2 pound LESS than he was at 9 months!! We've been instructed to start giving him Pediasure (and so far, he loves banana and strawberry flavor!) and come back for a weight check in a month. Never did I ever think I would be doing something to bulk this kid up!
-"Mama's boy" doesn't even begin to describe him :)
-He loves his daddy too. Jordan gets the best welcome home everyday--Colton runs to him with arms held out yelling "dadadadadada." So.stinking.sweet.
-He is our little biter. If he gets angry with Hampton, he growls and bites. He'll bite anyone else who crosses his path as well. I'm trying to figure out what to do about that!
-We call him our little drama queen. He can throw one heck of a fit. One heck of a fit!
-He loves the water and pool just like the rest of us. Sometimes he does get frustrated that we just stick him in his police car float, though. But he lets us know about how he feels (see previous point)!
-He adores his big brother.
I'm not sitting for these pictures any more, guys!
I'm free!
Oh. What's this?
Here you go!
I'm looking forward to this next year!

And because I feel that he deserves a little love, too:
Rock star!!
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