Friday, October 24, 2008

Huh. That was weird.

So, my best friend's sister (who is like my own sister) told me she was expecting the other day. She was practically trembling as she told me. I hate that, but I appreciate it. She gets it. She has been rooting me on and giving me advice through this whole past cycle, knowing the whole time that she was getting what I long for so much. This is hard...not just for me, but for everyone around me who knows about our struggles. People are worried about saying the wrong thing. I hate it. I wish it was normal, and no one had to second guess talking about babies, pregnancy, whatever with me.

But here's the weird thing: I didn't feel upset. I was genuinely happy for her. Now you may think, "Umm...that's how you should feel!!" But it's not always how I feel. I hate to say that, but I don't. But this was different, and it felt GOOD!


patrick and sarah m said...

I don't know you...just stumbled across your blog and have read a little of your story. My heart goes out to you...and I loved this post as I can TOTALLY identify. :) Best of luck to you!

stacey said...

Wow! I'm impressed...genuinely happy. You need to rub some of that off on me;-)

Rachel said...

wow that's amazing!!

And LOVE that your friend cares so much for you that she feared telling you.

And I totally get the "hating not being normal". :(

ps the bedrest thing+ sickness has = no trips to the post office!! but rest assured your gift WILL COME!!!

Jennifer said...

That's awesome! You're very lucky to have such a nice friend in your life who is sensitive about your feelings. good luck to you!!