Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Hampton,

I can't believe that you are about to be a big brother! This is going to be quite an adjustment for you, but you are so loving to any babies you meet, that I just know you'll love your baby brother, too. We are so excited that Colton and you will be close in age and hopefully great little buddies. Soon enough, you two will be wrestling, playing catch, and getting into all sorts of trouble!

I have had moments throughout this pregnancy where I've thought about the special times that we've had in only a short 22 months, and the guilt hits me of how this is really going to be so different. I cherish our bedtime cuddles and fun times we have on the days I don't have to go to the office. It's my promise to you, sweet baby boy, that I will do anything and everything to make time for "our time" every day!

I'm sure so much is about to change for all of us, but I want you to know how sweet and special you are to me- and nothing can ever change that! God has blessed us so much with both you and your brother, and I don't want a day to go by that you don't know how happy we are that he chose you for us.

I love you, little monkey!


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