Thursday, January 26, 2012

The life of a toddler

I haven't talked about my little monkey too much recently. Probably because I'm too busy chasing him around, jumping on demand, and doing forward rolls until we both just collapse on the floor in laughter. This little guy has more energy than I know what to do with some days!

Even though being 2 brings on such horrible things like mommy picking out the wrong shoes, opening a NutriGrain bar to see it had broken in its packaging, and only getting 1 sucker when going through the bank drive thru--all of which result in epic meltdowns!--I'm loving this stage of life.

Hampton has the sweetest little voice, and I never know what he is going to say. A few things that have made me smile recently:

As Jordan was leaving for work-
Hampton: I wanna hug. I wanna hug!
(runs and gives Jordan a big hug)
Jordan: Aw thanks buddy. That makes me feel so good!
Hampton: I so sweet!

Anytime he hears the baby pass gas, poop, or anything that sounds like that, he giggles and goes, "Oh! Baby poop!"

He doesn't say yes. Ever. Instead, he says the sweetest, oh-so-southern , "oookaay". The whole family now says ok this way.

He loves Colton. LOVES him. He asks for "baby" the second he wakes up. He is always bringing toys to C for him to play with. And if Colton gets his hands on something that Hampton wants to play with (or I think he shouldn't be playing with), he sweetly takes the toy away and hands him another toy and says, "here you go baby." He also loves to tickle Colton and make faces and noises that make C laugh while riding in the car.

He loves going to school and church, and he asks to go to one or the other practically every day! It's fun to watch him growing and learning.

He's growing so fast, but he will still climb in my arms and give me hugs and kisses and cuddle. I love it so much!!

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