Thursday, September 6, 2012

Colton's 1st bday party

For Colton's first birthday, we did a very low key party. In early spring, I ordered the cutest little sailboat jonjon, and I had the idea in my head that a sailboat party would be adorable. Thanks to pinterest, I had so many great ideas! Well, summer, and C's actual birthday, snuck up on me. A few weeks out, I had done nothing. Nothing. I called up a friend and told her that I needed some invitations and fast! She came up with such a cute invite:

Once the invites were out, I calmed down a little bit. It's not like I needed to do much. I'd make a quick trip to the store, pick up a couple of sailboats and nautical items, and that's that. We would just do a few finger foods and be done. One problem: there were no sailboats to be found. There was nothing nautical in any store that I went in. It was a week before the party, and I could find absolutely nothing to decorate with. I couldn't change the theme...the invites had already gone out!

The weekend of the party, Jordan and I went to get some plastic serving platters, food, and continue looking for decor. We decided that just sticking with red, white, and blue might be our only option. I was upset that this wonderful party I had in my head just wasn't happening, but then, I thought, "who really cares?!" When I finally let go, I remembered that I had seen a few things in Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Christmas Tree Shop earlier in the summer. Woohoo--on the morning of the party, I went to both places and found a few things that would tie this party together!

Even though it was hot, we had a nice time with family and a few friends. We're blessed to be able to celebrate this little guy being here--even if throwing him a party nearly took me over the edge!!

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