Thursday, September 20, 2012

Say what now?

Hampton cracks us up all the time. I just wanted to get  a few things down somewhere other than my facebook page because 1. I'm pretty sure some of my friends are tired of my constant quotes from my kid. and 2. Facebook is finicky. Who knows what change they'll make tomorrow and all of my stuff will be gone! So, if you stalk me on facebook, you've already seen these. If not, enjoy!

On the way home from school today:
H- I want to watch Spy Kids before nap time.
Me- Sorry buddy, it was deleted from the DVR, so we can't watch it anymore.
H- It broke?
Me- Yes, it broke. Sorry!
H- I guess we have to go to Target!

Last night at dinner:
H- I like Mommy.
Jordan- What about Daddy?
H- I like Mommy!
Jordan- I like Hampton.
Me- Well, I like Daddy and Hampton and Colton. 
H- I like every people (while pointing to all of us)!!

Mommy, don't let Colt touch my cars. I'm parking 'em, and he'll mess it up. It's just what he do!

H: Mom.
Me: Yes?
H: You're not mom. You're mommy.
Me. Ok.
H: Mom. Mom. Mom. Moooooooommmmm. Okay. Good job.

I'm so glad Hampton can be Colton's voice:
"Mommy, Colton wants some Cheerios." 

"Mommy, Colton wants some milk." 
"Mommy, Colton wants you to hold him so he can't play with my cars!!" 

Me: Hampton, what would you like for breakfast?
H: Waffles
Me: (pulls out waffle maker)
H: Oh!! You gonna make *real* waffles for me?!
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