Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week 15 Pregnancy Quiz

How far along: 15weeks, 4days
Total weight gain/loss: +6 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Pants only. Most of my shirts are still fine but several are getting to be too short or too tight in the chest.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Pretty good. Once I get comfortable, I'm out!
Best moment this week: We met with the OB today for the first time, and we really like her! I was so nervous about leaving my RE, whom I really like, but I think all will be well! We got to hear the heartbeat as well. Love that sound :)
Movement: I think I might have felt a flutter the other day. I'm not 100%, though.
Food cravings: None
Gender: I'm still thinking it's a boy.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out: In
What I miss: Weekly ultrasounds. We were spoiled, and I'm going to find it hard to be a "normal pregnant lady" now!
What I am looking forward to: Our big u/s! It is scheduled for May 21!!
Weekly Wisdom: People LOVE sharing their opinions. If you don't want to hear what someone thinks, don't bring it up!
Milestones: I haven't thrown up this week! Yay, Zofran! (Maybe not a milestone in some people's eyes, but a BIG one in mine!)

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cejer said...

What a neat blog .. I had no idea ya'll had tried so long ... this is a miracle baby!