Wednesday, December 8, 2010

testing. testing.

Kids are smart. I mean, really smart. There's one thing that gets me, though. How do they know who they can test and who they probably shouldn't? Hampton goes across the street a couple days a week to our friend's house to play with her little guy, G, while I go to work. She almost always has great reports for me--he eats well, goes right down for naps with no problem, etc. He is such a good baby, and I really have NO complaints, but these days, he is testing everything. I say no, he goes after it not one but two, three or more times. I put him down for a nap, he stands up, screams and has to be picked back up. Eating-if you dare put one thing on his tray that he does not approve of, it gets flung to the floor (or counter or my shirt. You get the idea!). And when Jordan or myself does put a foot down, oh.em.gee., this kid can throw a tantrum. He gets down on the floor and thrashes and rolls about. Honestly, I have to hide my face b/c I can't help but laugh. Where do they learn these things?! I promise I fling myself onto the floor in rage very rarely! Thankfully, though, it is just US that he seems to be testing (and sometimes my parents-sorry Mimi and G-dad!). He's well behaved in public and at others' houses, for now!

Hold me mommy!!
He's not all that bad! :)
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ashley said...

Hmmmm...sounds like someone I know :) Just sayin-I can remember some serious tantrums from my little sisiter! :) He'll grow out of it (in MANY years!)

~Jess said...

We're dealing with the same thing, but A doesn't seem to have a preference for who she tests. I just keep telling myself..."This too shall pass."