Wednesday, May 4, 2011

exhausted and uncomfortable

Warning: I need to complain a bit...

Sigh...I'm over it. I know, it sounds horrible, but I am. The only thing that I am enjoying are his sweet little kicks. So, it's not all bad. I just don't remember being this tired with Hampton. I mean, really, really tired. And I sleep well at night. That's the worst part! You'd think with a good night sleep, I'd be able to keep my eyes open past 11 am! Not the case. By 2:00-I'm worthless. And Colton has clearly made himself comfortable on a nerve that is sending a constant pain up my back. That and the sheer uncomfortableness of carrying around these ginormo bewbs has me twisting and turning in discomfort And the icing on the cake, morning sickness showed its ugly face this morning, after weeks of being away. I'm praying it will be a quick stint.

The good news--I have about 11 weeks left. And Jordan surprised me earlier with an hour massage scheduled for tomorrow night! And I'm totally blessed to be pregnant. I do know that. :)
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