Saturday, May 21, 2011

what day is it?

I feel like the days and weeks are just running together. I have so much on my plate and can't seem to grasp all that I have to get done each 24 hour period. Current things that I'm juggling include: we've put our house on the market, working my "real job" 3 days a week, helping my dad with his business when I can, working to make a little money with my Stella & Dot business, putting a nursery together (with literally NO money for little Colton), being a full-time mom and get the idea. There aren't enough hours in the day. And I'm completely exhausted, so I go to bed early, which cuts out even more time!! The good news-we are leaving for the beach this Friday for 5 days. I plan to sit around and just relax and rest, and I CAN'T WAIT!

Let's see what's been going on in our world...

Hampton woke up Monday morning with what looked like bite marks all over both of his legs. His little boy parts were also swollen like a balloon and his eyes were swollen as well. We didn't know what had gotten him during the night, but it didn't look good. Jordan stayed home with him and took him to the doctor while I went to work. The doctor (actually 2 doctors) looked him over and decided that it was, indeed, some sort of bug bite that he was reacting to--benedryl and anti-itch cream was the answer. Easy enough! Until I posted these pictures of his legs on face book... ....I had 2 friends, one a nurse and one a pharmacist, disagree with the doctor and said it looked like multiforme--basically a rash that comes as a reaction to medications but can sometimes be viral. Well, the week before, he had spiked a high fever and had a virus that hung around a couple of days, so it makes sense. How to treat it--benedryl and anti itch cream. So, we're not 100% sure if it was multiple bites or this rash, but either way, we've been treating it the same. It is starting to fade and doesn't seem to be uncomfortable to H anymore at all, and that is all that matters to me!

I am down to appointments every 2 weeks to check on Colton. So far, everything is going well. My blood pressure is lower than it has ever been, and there has been only a slight amount of protein in my urine at each visits. Not enough to have to carry around a jug for 24 hours, and that's how we want it to stay! Dr. H said we will do a growth scan at 36 weeks and see how everything is looking. We talked about an "eviction" date, and she said I could opt for an induction after 39 weeks. I think we'll just wait and see how things go. No rash decisions right now!

That's about all the exciting stuff I have right now. The monkey is 20 months old in two days. The speed at which he is growing up blows my mind!!
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