Tuesday, August 2, 2011

22 months

Yeah, I'm a little late on this one. Hampton turned 22 months on July 23. He celebrated with a 102 fever. :( That passed quickly, thankfully, and he spent the rest of the weekend in the pool. This kid, like his momma, is a fish!

Holding this new baby in my arms makes me really see what a little boy my monkey has become. I know I've probably said before that he is so grown up, but he was still a baby in my eyes until C showed up! Reality check--I have an almost 2 year old! (and speaking of, I should probably start thinking about his birthday party. I mean, I was practically done at this point last year!!)

Hampton is using more and more words every day, and he has started using a few sentences. It is so cute to listen to him put together a thought. There is still a lot of "Hamptonese" spoken, but his sweet voice makes that even more adorable. He is big into saying "thank you" and "truck"! Being "ow-siide" is his favorite thing. Even in record heat, Hampton would prefer to be out playing in the yard over anything else. And while he has tons of toys at our house and both grandparents' houses, pine straw and rocks are really enough to entertain him! When he wants to go on the slide, he runs to the back door and yells "Weeee!" and he's recently learned just how fun it is to run through sprinklers. He's such a fun little guy, and I can't wait for him to teach his little brother all about the important things in life. :)

Meal time has become the bane of my existence. Honestly, this kid is the pickiest eater. Depending on the day, he loves one thing and hates another, and 24 hours later, it's a completely different story! And if he's in a mood, no matter what you give him will be good enough and it ALL ends up on the kitchen floor (and table and wall and chairs and me...). I'm hoping this phase passes soon or I may lose.my.mind.!

This little guy was meant to be a big brother. He's so caring and concerned about every movement and squeak made by his little brother and wants to be right there by him. When I change Colton's diaper, Hampton begs to watch and rubs C's head when he gets upset during the change. He climbs up in the sofa, sits down, points to his lap and says, "sit down babies"! It's so sweet!

Speaking of "babies", everything seems to be pluralized in his world suddenly-babies, daddies, mommies, pacies, etc. I don't know why there has been this sudden change, but we just laugh and go with it. :)

And in typical "new mom" fashion, I can't find my camera cord, so I have ZERO recent pictures uploaded. I'll have to steal my mom's until I can locate mine! Until then, a couple of camera pics:
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