Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23 months

I am starting to have writer's block when I do these monthly updates on my little monkey. I mean, how many times can I start a blog entry with "I can't believe he's __ months already! Time is flying"? It gets a little redundant, no? That being said, it's the truth and I'll probably say it each month with Colton as well!

23 months. Such a fun age! My little guy is just a hoot to be around. Each day he makes me laugh with his crazy antics, ridiculous tantrums (yes, they usually make me laugh. Who flings themselves on the floor because you hand them a cup of milk after they ask for milk?? Seriously, you have to laugh!), and toddler demands. ("SIT DOWN. THERE. SIT DOWN!!") He has been a little chatterbox since I've been home with Colton, using lots of phrases and real sentences. Most of them start with "I want...","I get...", or he labels things, "mommy's cup, daddy's car, baby's diaper." It's great to be able to actually communicate with him about so many things! Of course, if he can't yet get the words out for what he wants, it can be pretty horrific. He repeats almost anything we ask him to say (and even things we don't!), but I have yet to get him to say "Colton." Instead, he refers to him as "babies" or "Colt colt". How cute is that? :)

We have decided that we are not going to do a big birthday party for Hampton's second b-day. Instead, we are going to take a trip to the zoo with some family! We have been to the aquarium a couple of times, and he loved it, but we have never been to the zoo. I thought it would be such fun and much less stressful! We have plenty of birthday parties to look forward to as we watch these boys (and future kid(s)) grow up, so this just seems like the perfect time to do something different to celebrate our little guy's day!

Such a sweetie:Look at what a sweet big brother he is :)Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~Jess said...

The communicating thing I think is the most fun...I love carrying on a "conversation" with DD.

How are they going to be 2 this fall?!

Jennifer said...

He is so adorable! Have fun planning the 2nd birthday party :)