Monday, February 13, 2012


I sit here feeding Colton, thankful for the first night he's slept over 10 hours in a while. Hampton, on the other hand, woke up screaming around 4:30. Both boys have been out of whack when it comes to sleep this week, and it has worn us out! Colton, who has always been an excellent sleeper, still usually wakes up once a night, if at all, and goes right back down. Last week, he was up multiple times then ready for the day at 5. Hampton, who we usually never hear a peep from until about 7, has been up crying between 3 and 4 for a few nights now. And if Colton gets up at 5, Hampton usually follows shortly. Our house is just too small to take the baby somewhere that he won't wake H up! I'm hoping that tubes will fix Colton's sleep issues. As far as Hampton, I don't know, maybe it's a growth spurt? Or nightmares? I just want some solid nights of sleep here again soon!

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