Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This morning, Colton finally got tubes put in his ears. I wasn't too nervous about the surgery; many friends and the doctor were very reassuring of how quick and easy it would be. I was nervous about the no eating after midnight instructions. With a baby who wakes most nights and eats/pacifies himself back to sleep, I knew we'd be in for a rough one. Hampton spent the night with Jordan's parents, and Jordan and I went to bed early, preparing for what was to come. And what do you know--that little rascal slept the whole night and had to be woken up at 6 so we could leave! Such a relief!
What's going on here, mom?
He was happy as could be at the hospital-playing with us, chewing on Sophie, and hamming it up for the nurses. They took him back around 7:30 and the doctor was back in the room about 15 minutes later saying it went perfectly. He said Colton's ears were so bad-full of thick mucous that wasn't going anywhere. Poor baby!
I'll just sit here and look cute!

As the doctor was talking, a nurse brings in our inconsolable baby. It was so pitiful! He wouldn't open his eyes, and you could tell the gas did not make him feel right. I fed him off and on, but all he would do was whimper and then start screaming again. Jordan and I passed him back and forth trying to console him. Then I would feed him again. Then he vomited. Ugh! So Then the nurse brought him some juice to see if he could keep that down. He refused to take the bottle, and he finally fell asleep in Jordan's arms. Because he got sick, we had to wait for him to wake up and make sure he was feeling better before they would let us leave, so we sat there and waited.

When he woke up, he was a little fussy, but I could tell that he was getting back to himself. He didn't look so disoriented. They checked him out, said all was well, and sent us home. And Colton slept the morning away, woke up, ate, played and went about his day like nothing happened! I'm sure he has been uncomfortable for far too long. I hope this is the fix he needs.

All better! Ready to go home!
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