Saturday, January 24, 2009

FET #3- Done!

Well, it was done yesterday, but I pretty much slept the day away thanks to the Valium!

I got a call around 9 from my RE. He said they had only thawed 2 embies and they looked great, but he would have them thaw the 3rd if we wanted. He said the embryologist recommended that we just go with the 2 b/c sometimes they just don't attach, and what if that has been our problem? He agreed w/ her, but also said that he didn't think it was a terrible decision (after 3 failed cycles w/ 2 transferred) to go ahead and do 3. I didn't even hesitate, we were transferring all 3. I felt comfortable with the decision.

We got to the lab around 11, and the embryologist said that all 3 embies looked great. We got the "triplets talk" from her and my RE and had to sign some form that we had discussed all options in case of high order multiples. You would think that would have freaked me out, but honestly, I'm ready for whatever God wants to bless us with! I just want one of these little ones to stick, and if more than one does, well, lucky us!!

Everything went well with the transfer. It was the easiest and quickest transfer by far, which was comforting! As usual, it was so neat to watch the embryos as they were placed into the uterus! So cool! After the procedure, I usually lay there for 25 minutes, but this time Dr. L had me lay there for 33--his lucky number! I thought that was pretty sweet and funny! My nurse joked that if this worked, all the patients from here on out were going to have to lay there for 33 minutes. Those poor ladies and their full bladders are not going to be fond of that! :)

While I was laying there, waiting, thinking about anything other than how badly I needed to pee, the embryologist came in and gave us some pictures of our embies. She did assisted hatching on the 2 that were first thawed. The 3rd was actually thawed for my last FET, and wasn't doing well, but they watched it and it perked back up and was able to be refrozen! B/c assisted hatching was done on it last time, it looked completely different than the other two. The embryologist said that if that one was going to attach it could be within 24 hours! Crazy!

All is well and I'm home resting with my feet up! This morning I woke up and had some crazy intense cramps for about 5 minutes. They were so sharp and strong that at one point I let out a cry of pain and woke Jordan up! Scared him to death!! I've been cramping a little today, but nothing as intense as earlier. I'm trying not to read into anything. I'm just going to stay hopeful and distract myself with movies, books, and DVRed shows!! So, now I wait...for 14 l-o-n-g days!!

P.S. I may not update too much on here about what goes on over the next 2 weeks. For my IRL friends, I'd love to be able to share great news with you NOT on the internet! To my other internet friends, you know where to find me ;)


Hillary said...

So glad it went well, and I can't wait to hear more in 14 days! :)

Two of a Kind said...

Really praying hard for you! Can't wait for some good news!!!

Kelly said...

Gotta love Valium! It sounds like your transfer could not have gone more smoothly. I love the 33 minutes! I hope the coming days FLY by and that you have a wonderfully happy report for us!

stacey said...

OMG I'm so excited (and hopeful!!) for you!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had a great transfer :-) GL in the 2ww -- I hope it goes quickly and successfully for you!

Jody jsusann said...

I am wishing you ALL the best and that this FET finds you with a wonderful baby belly. You certainly deserve it!! Good luck, hon!!!! We need you over on SAIF! : )))