Friday, January 16, 2009

It's On Like Donkey Kong!

Seriously, where did that saying come from?? ;)

Doesn't matter! What does matter is that FET #3 is one week away! My lining looked good this morning, and we will be transferring our last 3 embies (assuming they survive the thaw) on Friday, 1/23!! Luke, Bo, & Daisy better be getting ready to snuggle in tight!

For my previous two FETs, my lining was not thick enough on the first check, and I was sent home for a couple of days of more estrogen. I was expecting to hear, "come back Monday and we'll check again." BUT, this time I was ready to go at the first lining check! Yay! I'm taking that as a great sign! :)

I'm excited!!

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Hillary said...

Ohh, that is exciting!!