Monday, January 19, 2009

Pain in the Butt


I started my PIO injections on Saturday morning. Blah. Thankfully, they haven't really hurt (so far), but I am getting 2 a day, so I'm sure the pain will catch up! I guess I can thank the extra layer of padding that has decided to take residence on my butt since my last FET. Stressful eater? Yes :( (Although, I haven't been in the past. I've always liked to exercise when stressed. That would have been a much better route...)

Even worse than physical pain is the flat out pain of having to have 2 shots a day within the same time period each day. I'm not a morning person. 99% of the time I am flying out the door just in time to get to work at 8:30. Jordan has no job. He is not a fan of being woken up. Put these 2 together (with a needle involved, might I add), and it is not a pretty picture. It's my own fault that I don't get up when my alarm goes off the first time, but the whole shot thing is another 10-15 minutes out of my morning! Ugh! And then we have to do it again at night. Which isn't too terribly bad-unless you want to go somewhere. Or someone isn't home (b/c I'm NOT giving myself a shot, that's a promise!). Scheduling life around 2 shots is a PAIN!

But I'm praying it will all be worth it in the end... :)

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