Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a good thing we have a king bed...

because with all the pillows we have, we wouldn't fit on anything smaller!!
Looks normal, right?
Think again!

Jordan has always slept with several pillows. He likes to cuddle with something, and I don't want to be touched while sleeping! He also likes it to be freezing and he wraps up like a cocoon in the sheets and comforter. I would prefer the covers to be laid over me loosely so that I have total freedom to move however I want during the night. I also like to sleep on my stomach. Well, now that I have a little belly, I have to position myself in weird ways on pillows in order to be on my belly/side. I also have to have another pillow on my other side to try and prevent myself from laying flat on my back (doesn't work by the way...I trust that my body will wake up if something is wrong...!). So this has resulted in a crazy concoction of pillows that barely allows room for the two of us in bed! Needless to say, we won't be co-sleeping. Poor little monkey wouldn't stand a chance in this bed!

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Bluebird said...

Too funny! Glad you figured something out :)