Friday, July 17, 2009

Ultrasound and Gestational Diabetes Test

Yesterday we had our monthly appointment scheduled, along with an ultrasound, and the 1-hour blood glucose test. It was bound to be a long morning! Unfortunately, my Dr. H had an emergency come up and had to cancel my monthly check, but I was still able to come in for the other 2.

The ultrasound was great! Because we go to a teaching hospital, a student does the initial check and measurements, and then the ultrasound tech comes behind them and does the whole thing over again! It's double the pictures of each little feature of the monkey, so I have no complaints! The student and tech yesterday were so sweet, and they told Jordan and I everything we were looking at and explained measurements and other stuff. Baby Hampton is growing right on track. Every measurement was between 27.5 and 28 weeks (except his head circumference was at 30 weeks, but that's not too bad. I'd like to thank his father for that one!). He is breech, but he has plenty of time to move at this point, so no worries. The main purpose of this ultrasound was to see if the cardiac echogenic focus we saw on his heart last time had gone away. It was still there, but the tech really didn't seem too concerned. We've decided to not dwell on it. The chances of this one soft marker meaning that our baby has downs is so slim, and it is not worth the extra anxiety. And honestly, what if he does? He won't be loved any less!!

Our little monkey is SUCH a boy! He really didn't want to be bothered, and would barely show his face, but if you wanted to see his little boy parts, not a problem. He'll show those off all day long! Here's a few pics:
A shot of his face taken quickly when he moved his arm:
A close up of his nose and lips (we were watching him practicing his breathing!):

It's a Boy!:
The office manager said that she wanted to talk with the u/s tech to see if anything needed to be discussed with a doctor then. If so, they would have me see another doctor in the practice that morning. The tech didn't seem concerned about anything, and we can wait until our appointment on Tuesday to see Dr. H. So, that seemed like good news to me!
After the u/s, we went over to the ob/gyn office to get the glucose test underway. The glucose test wasn't too bad. The drink was like flat orange Fanta with a couple more tablespoons of sugar added in--delish! I was very worried about getting sick, but I wound up feeling fine. Jordan and I walked around for a bit, went to CVS, and then just hung out in the lab for a while. There really isn't much to do to kill an hour at 10:00 in the morning! I did get kind of shaky toward the end, but that's nothing new in my world! Fingers crossed that I passed and don't have to even think about the 3-hour test!

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tenure.track.mommy said...

My little girl also had this finding on her 20 week u/s. All of our follow up ultrasounds were fine, so now we're just waiting for her to arrive at some point in the next 3-4 weeks. My husband and I also experienced infertility issues for 3 years. Congratulations on your blessing!