Friday, January 8, 2010

Date Night

Although we are so thankful for Jordan's job, retail work comes with crappy hours. He works until (atleast) 9 every Friday and Saturday, so hanging out with my husband on weekend nights is pretty much not happening. Thursday nights however, he is done at 6, and therefore have been officially named "date night" at our house! We're going to try and do something-whether we go out or stay in-once a week. It's pretty convenient that both sets of grandparents live within 5 miles of us, so it's quick and easy to drop off the little monkey and get a few hours of "us" time in!

Last night was our first date night! We went to Chili's to eat. I had been given a free meal the last time we ate there b/c they messed up my order (I mean, we're still on a budget here!). Well, as luck would have it, the server dropped my meal on the floor as she was placing Jordan's meal on the table, and we got it for free! Ha! It was pretty entertaining and gave us quite the laugh! And now we still have a voucher for a free entree!! After dinner, we ran by Target and picked up a few things (We may have been babyless for the night, but we still needed baby things), grabbed a coffee, and headed back to Jordan's parents to pick up Hampton. Not the most eventful night ever but a nice night out without having to worry if the baby was going hang in there with us!

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~Jess said...

Woohoo for date nights! Glad you guy were able to get some time together.