Monday, January 11, 2010

Exercise+Breastfeeding=HUNGER!! (McFatty Monday)

I'm so hungry. All the time. I can't seem to get enough! Breastfeeding alone was bad enough, but add daily exercise on top of it, and I'm an eating machine.

But I'm down a pound. So...I'll stick with it!

(Obviously, I haven't given up breastfeeding yet. My doctor suggested that I try to make it through flu/RSV season for Hampton's benefit, and I agree completely. The added bonus of it helping me lose weight is certainly motivation in itself to keep it up a little while longer.)

P.S. Jilian Michaels doesn't mess around. 5 days of the 30-day Shred, and I can't imagine when my sorry self will be able to move up to level 2--yikes!


Jennifer said...

I totally give you credit for doing the Shred. I don't think I could make it past day 1, but I may try to do it before the summer. Keep up the good work!

Alen Kcatic said...

Breastfeeding mothers are usually sleep deprived, from having to feed their newborns every 3 to 4 hours. This fatigue may lead to a decreased desire to exercise. When you're getting a few hours of sleep a night who feels like exercising.

Gina said...

I started the shred right before I got pregnant. I really loved it, but it really did kick my butt.

I'm kinda excited to start it again after this little guy is born.

t.bird said...

i did the shred for 1 day. lol.
thankfully this breasfeeding thing helped me loose all the weight & then some...but toning. eeeh. gotta work on that one!