Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shots, Stats and Other Stuff

Round 2 of shots-done. He had to get 3 shots, and thankfully it went quickly. He fell asleep after the doctor did her exam while she was still talking to us. It broke my heart that my little man had to wake up to needles, but he was good to go. He screamed while the nurse poked him, but as soon as his daddy picked him up, he was fine! And, once again, we had a good experience afterward: no fever and lots of sleep! Which worked out well since I had some housework to get done!
Hampton's 4 month stats:

Weight- 14 lbs,13.5 oz; almost 50th%
Height- 25 1/4 in.; b/w 50 and 75th%
Head- 16 3/4 in.; b/w 50 and 75th%

Yep...he's growing like a weed! Dr. H says she thinks he's going to be long and lean. Well, looking at both of our families, I'd say there is no doubt! We were told that we could start cereal if we felt that Hampton was needing more to satisfy him, but she suggested waiting until 5 or 6 months, if we could. He seems perfectly happy with just breastmilk or formula right now, so I think we'll hold off for a bit. Why rush?
Hampton did get to try some water the other night. We were out to eat at PF Changs, and he was content in his carseat for a while but got bored. Mom took him out and was holding him and trying to keep him from fussing. I knew he wasn't hungry because I fed him right before we headed out, so I told her to just get a little bit of water in her straw and see if he'd drink it. He wasn't sure at first (probably because it was SO cold), but he drank it right up and wanted more. I wish I had a camera to catch the moment when he obviously got a little taste of her lemon. Oh my goodness--PRICELESS!!
Lots of fun things happening with the little man:
-He's gotten very good at holding his head up. Now, he is constantly looking in every direction to make sure he isn't missing anything!
-He's trying really hard to roll from back to tummy. He gets to his side and then gets stuck, though. I think it will be soon...
-He has such personality. He smiles at everyone and is quite the talker!
-Anything and everything goes in his mouth. Seriously. And the drooling. Wow! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when he starts teething!
-He has turned into quite the good little sleeper. He is sleeping about 8 or 9 hours at night, with 2 good naps and a few cat naps throughout the day. Though our schedule may not be the "norm" (bedtime between 10 and 11), it is working, and everyone is happy with it!
-Sitting and standing are very fun right now. He wants to practice as much as possible! I know he can't wait to do it on his own!
-Hampton really loves playing in his jumparoo and exersaucer. The activity mat is another favorite. He could take or leave the swing and bouncy seat. I usually put him in one of those and turn the tv on while taking a shower. It keeps him entertained for a few minutes, and that's all I need!
-It appears that he is over the worst of the colic. He still has tummy aches, but the meds really have helped. Thank goodness.

We're so in love with this little guy, and we're anxiously waiting to see what fun new things he'll do in this next month. :)


cejer said...

He is really soooo cute!!!

t.bird said...

alex got a mouthfull of lemon the other day too- priceless!!!!

and shots- she got 2 + and oral med. she wasn't too pleased but she recovered quickly.

and our kids are practically the same size (hampton is a little bigger- but he IS a boy :)