Monday, January 4, 2010

Um, I don't really do resolutions:McFatty Monday

I'm not one to set resolutions for myself at the beginning of each new year. What's the point, really? The majority of people don't stick with them, and I have no problem being in that category! BUT I did give myself until the end of the year to just do whatever when it came to eating/weight loss/getting back in shape. That being said, the time has come to put up the ice cream, break out more fruits and veggies, suck it up and become good friends with Jillian Michaels (and the dreaded 30 day shred). I'm joining in with some other ladies and hopping on board The Heir to Blair's "Mcfatty Monday." Wish me luck!

Here's what I'm working with (don't laugh):

I'm not going to set a specific weight goal for myself. Honestly, I could care less how much I weigh. I'm setting a goal to get back in my favorite jeans-a pair of True Religion jeans that are so wonderful and collecting dust in the back of my closet. I feel lucky that I really don't look too terrible for being 3 months post partum (What's more annoying, someone saying "I'm so fat" when they're really not or someone bragging about how they look 3 months after having a baby? Cause seriously, I want to hurt myself for writing that last sentence... haha!). Anywho, I do have some work to do. The baby weight is practically gone. The fertility drugs, pity eating, & I know I'll be pregnant this month so I won't worry about it weight is the problem. So, my goal is to drop a few pounds and tone up! And don't'll get a pic of me when I can squeeze my tight butt back into those jeans! ;)


Rachel said...

You go girl! And seriously, you look AWESOME!

t.bird said...

good luck!! and for what it's worth, i think you look fab.

cejer said...

Um you look great already but I totally understand wanting to fit back in your fav jeans:) My pair of Sevens have been collecting dust for almost 3 years of babymaking now so I too will be joining in the quest for the old jeans after the next babe in March ... amazing that my body has even survived 3 babies in 3 years hahaha ... Can't wait to see your after picture -- I bet you will be in them in no time:)

~Jess said...

You look great already!

I'm hoping to get up the motivation to start the shred in the next couple of days. Maybe I should post about get myself motivated.