Monday, March 8, 2010

Back on the Saddle (McFatty Monday)

With the warmer weather finally (FINALLY) making an appearance, it has gotten me back on track. Nothing like the threat of bathing suit weather to knock my butt in gear! I'm a bikini wearer, and being a mom isn't going to change that ;). So, I've pushed myself to get back into working out. I'm surprised Jillian didn't greet me with a, "Where have you been you big slacker??" I've realized that working out everyday for 30 days is not going to happen. It's not realistic for me right now, and I just can't commit to that. Why set myself up for failure? I do know that just getting a real workout in a few times a week really makes me feel better. I feel more energized, and it really helps get any frustrations out (especially when you get to the punches). I've told Jordan that he has to help keep me motivated. He said he would (but oddly he didn't ask for me to keep HIM motivated. Ha!). I'm also pumped about getting out and about for some walks with the monkey!

If I have to be perfectly honest, though, I can exercise all day long and it is only going to get me so far. I like food. More specifically, I like pastas and sweets. I will not be giving these up. What I will be doing is having a little more self control!! I can eat a lot, and I have to know when to stop. So, that's my new goal--portion control.

Get excited people. Those jeans are looking better and better! (Yay!)


MJ said...

I am the same way...I love food so much it's hard. I just work out harder and watch my portions.


~Jess said...

Me too! I just love food. You can do it though!