Saturday, March 6, 2010

Poor coughing, stuffed up baby

The little man has another cold. He sounds so pitiful. Thankfully, he's still been pretty happy-- until it's time to go to sleep. He usually either falls asleep eating or has a paci to go to sleep, but being so stuffed up, he can't breathe when he has something in his mouth. And it frustrates him. :( He was awake until 2am Friday morning and then woke before 7. It was rough. I finally let him stay in our room to sleep on me so he could be a little inclined. Last night he went down in the crib (and slept pretty well), but when I went in to get him this morning, he had snot smeared across his face and in his hair. Poor thing. I admit it though, I laughed. It was so pitifully cute! Gross, right? After fighting it tonight, he's finally down and out. I can hear his breathing over the monitor, though, and he sounds rough. I am relieved that a few colds are really the worst we've had to deal with, but I'm so ready for all of this cold weather to go away and the congestion to leave our house! It looks like spring is just around the corner-for real this time-and that makes me SO happy!!


Megan said...

I'm sorry he is sick! I am just over my nasty cold :( I think the changing weather has just made it kind of linger. Hope he gets better really soon. Call me when you are ready for some pictures! :)

Todd and Nicole Barnes said...

I have found that a cool mist humidifier and some baby vicks rub helps a lot! Hope he gets better soon!