Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weaning Update

Hampton has officially been on all bottles for a week now. Technically, Tuesday should have been the one week mark, but last Wednesday night I was so engorged and in pain (and the dang pump was doing nothing to help) so I let him have one last go at it! After that, I'm pretty sure my supply dropped to nothing because I had no pain, no engorgement, no leaking, and the "girls" deflated rapidly! I actually do kind of miss it at times, but I don't regret the decision I made to wean. I feel!

Hampton has transitioned to bottles like a champ. We had the rough few days where he refused to take a bottle from me, but after that, there was no stopping him. We actually just moved him up to level 3 nipples because he was getting frustrated that the milk wasn't coming out fast enough. He knows as soon as the bib goes on what time it is, and you can see the excitement in his whole body! He's currently eating four 6oz. bottles, 1tbsp. of rice cereal, and one 8oz. bottle before bed. He is hilarious to watch while eating his bottle--he holds the side of his head or covers his eyes with his hands. So dramatic!

All in all, the move to bottles went well. Now it's time for fruits and veggies!! F-U-N!


ASHELY said...

so adorable. look at his cute hand!

Jennifer said...

What a precious picture!