Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bad mommy

This past weekend, two things happened that quickly took me out of any running for "mommy of the year." Hard to believe, I know! ;)

First-We were putting some things up in the attic (and by "we" I mean Jordan-obviously), and the monkey was very interested in the stairs. Of course I told him they were a no-no and tried to distract him and keep him busy. I decided to pick him up and put him on my shoulders b/c he always loves that. Score 1 for mom! Oh, except that I was standing in the doorway and threw him right into it when I put him above my head. He cried the most pitiful cry and wanted his daddy. Awesome mom-FAIL.

Later-We were playing at mom and dad's house while we grilled out burgers. Hampton had already eaten and gotten down to play, so I put him in his high chair while we ate (we were outside and I need to keep him contained!) and gave him a cracker to eat to entertain him. He was pretty restless and started to fuss, so I finished up my meal quickly and pulled out his tray a little bit and unhooked him to take him inside. I turned around to ask Jordan to please bring my dishes inside and CRACK!!! I turned as fast as I could to see Hampton falling face first to the cement and couldn't get him fast enough. My dad could, though. Thank God he was so quick! Dad grabbed his right arm and prevented everything but his left hand from hitting the ground. Holy.Crap.Scariest.Thing.Ever. I scooped him up so quickly and just held his trembling body for a minute before moving. I spent the rest of the night and the next day poking him and checking and rechecking that he didn't have any serious injury or bruises that I missed. It could have turned out so much worse. I'm so thankful that he was okay, and it was my one and only reminder that I needed that turning my back for a split second can result in danger. Awesome mom-Big Fat FAIL!

Thank goodness he's still young and resilient. He seems to still love me despite my flaws. :)
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Jennifer said...

Oh how scary! The good thing though, is that you aren't alone. We definitely all have those scary moments!