Sunday, October 3, 2010

12 month stats & well visit

Height: 31 in.; 90th %
Weight: 24 lb 7 oz; 75th %
Head Circ: 19 in; 75th %

All in all, looking good! ;)

I was worried about going to our well visit on Tuesday. Not that I thought anything was wrong with the monkey, but because I had to do it on my own. Jordan has been able to go to all of his appointments where he gets shots/blood draws, and I just wasn't sure I could handle it. Thankfully, my child was a little angel and the finger prick and shots barely even phased him. I think he could sense I was nervous, so he went easy on me!

I felt like a crazy mom with all the questions I had for the doctor, but she is so sweet and patient while I navigate these "clueless mommy" waters! This is all pretty boring stuff just that I wanted to write down for my own benefit. Read on if you must... ;)

She told me not to worry about the fact that he still prefers baby food over table food. The fact that he does pick some things up and eat them (mainly anything bread, bananas and blueberries), shows that he isn't having a problem with it; he just doesn't seem to like the texture/consistency of the other stuff. Give it time.

It's also time to use our remaining formula and then start on milk (whole or 2%-We're opting for 2% right now, and we'll change in the future if she deems it necessary). He had his first whole bottle of just milk tonight and seems to be transitioning well.He also has been drinking more and more out of sippy cups, so maybe, just maybe he'll be off of bottles before his second birthday. Ha!

Hampton has some bumps on the back of his upper arms. I have had the same issue for a while, and I thought it might be dry skin. The doctor said it is keratosis pilaris--clogged pores--and it's hereditary. Welp, there's the answer for both of us! She told me a lotion to use and it should clear right up for both of us!

He still has a hard bump on his chin from the mysterious bruise incident, so I went ahead and asked about that. She said that it actually might be a hematoma and not to touch it or irritate it, and it should go away on its own. The bruise hasn't returned in while, so I think it's already getting better. Only time will tell.

And last but not least, the question I meant to ask but forgot about after all the others! Hampton does this tugging thing thing on his face all the time. We used to think it was a sign that he was tired, then it became a little more frequent, and at different times. It seems that he does it even more when he has a cold (which makes sense that he can't breathe), so I'm concerned that he might have some sort of allergy that is causing him to be clogged up. I'm going to give the doc a call to see what she has to say this week. I hope it's nothing but a weird habit!
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Amber Herlocker said...

Hey Lady! Caleb does a tug thingy thing too with his face. His is allergies (rag weed is out now). Zyertec every night seems to do the trick for us. I would not recommend giving it to him in the morning...makes Caleb wired for sound!!!