Sunday, October 24, 2010

it was bound to happen

Well, we made it 1 year & 1 month, but last night, it happened--Hampton pooped in the tub!! It was so gross but oh so funny. I can't say that I was surprised (except for the fact that it looked like something a grown man would do. YUCK.) b/c he grunted a couple of times when he was eating, but his diaper was clean when I went to put him in the tub. He played for a bit, I lathered him up, and he went back to playing. Then he stood up, looked at me, and I saw it all over his red face. And there was nothing I could do! So, he took a huge dump in the water, and I immediately grabbed him, got him out of the tub and yelled for Jordan to come help. Best part-while we were waiting on the tub to drain so Jordan could get the poop into the toilet, we were both laughing and telling Hampton how gross and stinky it was. And I looked down, to see that he had pooped again, on the bath mat, and stepped in it!! Awesome. All I could do was laugh, put him back in the tub and let Jordan spray him down, and then we started right over with bath time. Oh my, what a time!
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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I've been dreading this day for a long time (7.5 months to be precise!) In fact, my little man has now decided his new "I'm cold, hurry this up!" noise is the same as his "I'm working on a poop!" noise, which gave me quite the scare several times when I was toweling it off!

Glad you guys survived this unwanted milestone!! LOL