Saturday, October 23, 2010

playing catch up

My poor little blog has been so neglected lately. Life has been crazy, and I've really been spending less time on the computer. Lots going on around these parts, though!

The little monkey is a mess. He is just so happy and loves life! I love watching him walk (and RUN-holy moly!) around checking out everything he can find. He is becoming a better eater each day, and his favorite thing is by far is macaroni and cheese, bananas and yogurt of any kind. He doesn't say a lot, but when he wants to be heard-yikes-he can SCREAM!! He gets excited and shrieks loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. He stays with my friend across the street, and her little guy, two days a week, and loves it over there. Seriously, I drop by during lunch, and he barely notices I'm there, which I think is fantastic.

We gave our two dogs away last weekend to a nice girl and her boyfriend. I hated to do it, but I know it was for the best. Logan was not a fan of Hampton, and I hated that the dogs were stuck in the kitchen or their crate almost all the time. We put in the ad that they had to go together b/c I don't think they would have survived being separated after over 6 years. I have random moment where I forget they're gone, and then it just hits me. The positive is that I'm not having to sweep up dog hair every single night & nap time isn't being shortened by a dog barking at a car driving by!

We're going back to the RE!!!! We have an appointment on November 1. Eek! I'm excited, but pretty nervous. Jordan is clearly excited b/c he made the call and the appointment before I even had a chance! We're just going to talk and see what we need to do to get ready. I'm sure we'll have to repeat tests and what not. They also have a few new payment options (a finance plan & 2 IVFs offered at lower cost type deal) that they didn't have when trying the 1st time. I'm excited to talk about a plan. We won't do anything until at least January, though. Yay!

This post is all over the place, but I just wanted to catch up a bit. Thanks for sticking around!

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well with Hampton. Sorry to hear about your doggie, but you've got to do what's best for him & your family.

Yay for the RE appointment!!!! It's so exciting that all of my blog friends are either pregnant or trying again! xo

~Jess said...

Here's to trying again!

Hampton sounds like a riotous, crazy little boy!