Tuesday, November 23, 2010

14 months

Hampton is such a busy little guy these days. He runs and runs until he collapses. It is fun, crazy, and oh-so-tiring!! All of the toys in are house are seriously a waste right now. This curious little guy loves exploring the house, peeking in closets and behind closed doors, and ripping through all the "unlocked" cabinets. He used to sit in his pack-n-play and drink milk, play with toys and occasionally glance at Mickey Mouse on the tv while I was showering and getting ready, but now, he wants to be out out out!! (This is when the unlocked bathroom cabinets come in handy. He looks through everything while I'm right there blowdrying and straightening my hair. Win. Win!)

Fun new things this month:
-H now goes to my friend K's house 2 days a week while I'm at work. Her youngest, G, is 3 months younger than him, and they have such a great time playing! I'm so fortunate that she has been able to help me out in this way, and H is getting to spend time with other little ones!
-We experienced our first "real" sickness-croup. I never thought the misery would go away, and he still has a lingering cough and some congestion, but it is clear that the real sickness is gone.
-2 molars have popped through (possibly more! I think I felt his top ones tonight but need to check again), and he now has 10 teeth total. I love his big grin when you can see every last one!
-He's a little acrobat. He loves to bend over and stand on his head!
-Eating has gotten much better. He's still finicky about some things (vegetables in particular)
-I haven't found a fruit he doesn't like.
-He doesn't say much but babbles a lot, but he definitely understands what we say! We'll tell him to get his ball and he goes and finds one or I'll say "Eww. You're stinky! Let's go change your diaper" and he'll walk back to his room and wait at the changing table. I love it!
-He LOVES being outside! Running in the grass, wagon rides, runs with mom & dad-you name it, if he's outside, he's happy!
-Second to outside, the bathtub is still his other favorite. He plays and splashes and pours water over his head and loves every second!

It was pretty hard to capture a picture this month. I had to chase him down to get one of his face! I'm going to have to try again...
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Jennifer said...

That last picture is so stinkin' cute! He has the most beautiful head of hair. My boys are finicky about veggies too- very frustrating. I can sometimes hide them by putting some brown gravy on them. They both hate fruit too - so strange! Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!!