Tuesday, November 2, 2010

corn maize and farm animals

Last weekend, we went out to a dairy farm in the area that just opened this year. We'd heard a lot about it and wanted to take Hampton to do something "festive." My little monkey is such a BOY! Ha. Seriously, we put him down, and he took off-running through the corn maize, taking a break in the dirt, and just getting dirty. He loves it!!

I do have to brag. Throughout the maize, there are questions and you answer them to find your way through. We came to one sign and the question was: Chocolate milk comes from brown cows. True (left) False (right). Hampton go to the sign, stopped, appeared to think about it for a second, then turned right and took off. He's so smart! What can I say? ;)I thought this place had a petting zoo, but it was more of a look-and-see kind of thing. You were allowed to pet the pigs, but there was a huge warning sign that they may bite. Ummm....pretty hard to keep a 13 month old from being to violent with the piggies, so we passed on petting! He sure is fascinated by animals.And of course, we stopped in the pumpkin patch on the way out to get some pictures! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Lisa said...

probably a good thing that you just "looked" at the animals. Hudson AND Claire both got Hands, Foot, and Mouth from the petting zoo! YUCK!