Sunday, November 21, 2010

it's a little like crack

The kid and his paci, that is. He didn't like it as a newborn. We seriously went through many options before realizing the only one he was going to take was the Soothie. He would take it every once in a while, but he was perfectly happy without. Then, he became very predictable with it: when he was tired, he searched until he found his paci, put it in his mouth, and came to be rocked. Now, he's an addict. He wants his paci most of the time, and I would not dare leave the house without it.

I don't know what happened here....we went backwards. I'm not stressing about it now because it doesn't bother me that he still likes his paci. We'll cross that bridge when we get there! :/
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1 comment:

~Jess said...

Our daughter is the same way....fortunately I never had it available except when she was in her crib, the car, or was completely miserably and we couldn't put her to bed right then.

I figure someday she'll outgrow it.