Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free holiday Cards for bloggers!

Last year was the first time that I sent out Christmas cards. I never thought I'd be one of those people who sent out a picture of my child(ren) each year, but you better believe that changed when Hampton came into the picture! Last year, I used an online site to design a card and printed it myself to save money. I was not pleased with the quality, but it was the best I could do at that point. This year, I want to do better. Enter Shutterfly! When I read on another blog, The Power of the Pink Lines, that Shutterfly was giving away Christmas cards to bloggers, I HAD to see what it was about. They have some adorable photo cards!

Here are a few of my faves:I'm having a hard time narrowing down which card we will actually use, but I'll be sure to share it once it's complete. First, I have to find an outfit for the monkey AND take his picture. Ah-so much to do!

Shutterfly also has birthday cards, photo mugs, calendars, you name it! Make sure to check out their site for your holiday cards, and if you're a blogger, take the time to register your blog for the 50 FREE holiday Cards! Who doesn't like FREE STUFF?!?

(P.S. Scroll over the site name throughout this post, and there are links. I don't know why they don't show up differently. I'm working on figuring that out...)
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