Monday, January 24, 2011

16 months

We're a third of the way through another year. How is that even possible? I feel like I was just planning his birthday party, which came SO quickly after bringing him home from the hospital! This is craziness, I tell you!

I have a love/hate relationship with this stage in my toddler's life. He's learning so much. Soaking it all in. Really starting to communicate better. Until, he doesn't know how to tell you what he wants. It frustrates him. He flips. Which then frustrates me. I mean, I feel like a broken record as I scream, "Do you want this? No? This? No? What about this? I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!!" over his never-ending squeal. But the fun times far outweigh these moments. I can't get enough of his hugs and kisses, and he loves to give them, so that works out well. :)

Hampton is ALL boy...He runs, jumps, throws balls, kicks balls, swings golf clubs and baseball bats, laughs at burps and farts, and wants to be outside always. Keeping up with him is a full-time job!

Although, he does have a little "metro"side. He loves to brush his hair, put a headband in, and play in my make-up bag! He also hugs any stuffed animal when he picks it up. It's absolutely precious. This "soft" side makes me adore him even more.

Meal time has become a guess and see adventure (or remained one, to be more accurate). He'll eat beans one day, then hates them for a week. He still refuses most meats-with the exception of chicken nuggets! Fruits=awesomeness. Breakfast is easily the best meal of the day. He's growing like a weed, though, so I have no complaints!

His vocabulary has really taken off this past month. He is repeating more and more each day! He's still pretty quiet most of the time (I'm always sure he's asleep in his carseat, but when I get the chance to look, he's usually just playing quietly!), but I know he's just soaking everything in. He understands so much more than I would have ever thought. He's a smart cookie!

::sigh:: These were the best I could do...

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~Jess said...

Glad to hear he's doing well: I think every kid struggles with meat.