Tuesday, January 25, 2011

snow my goodness

We live in the south. Snow is really quite the foreign word to us. But within the past year, it has snowed THREE times! Some of you are probably saying, "Three? Three?! THREE!!!" and shaking your heads. Yep, that's a big number around here! Last February we got about 5+ inches. It was crazy! And it was gone by the next afternoon. After that, I put the idea of Hampton seeing snow behind me. Maybe one day he'll get to play in it, but he got his southern snow fix at a mere 5 months! Little did I know that we were going to have a White (day after) Christmas!! It was fun to take him outside and let him run and play and touch the snow. It was even better that he was over it in about 10 minutes, and we got to go back into our warm house! I don't belong anywhere where snow is common. I don't think I'd survive!!

I love it!This is pretty neat stuff!My hands are frozen!!A few weeks later we had more snow! This quickly turned to an "ice storm" and the city was basically shut down for a day and a half. We went over to my parents as it started snowing and stayed the night b/c we knew we'd be stuck at home the next day. The monkey had a cold, so he didn't get to play this time, but he did watch his daddy play from the window. You may be thinking that my second child is on the way, but truthfully, I have 2 children already!!

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