Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Oh yeah, I bet I'm the only blogger on your reader with that title as we steamroll into 2011, right? Well, if you haven't noticed, I've been MIA and never got around to posting about our fun Christmas (and SNOW the day after=craziness!).

We had a couple of parties to go to over the holidays, but the one that was the most exciting was at our friend Katie and Jay's house where Santa came to visit! Now, you won't see any pictures of Hampton with Santa because he flipped the heck out and clung to his daddy, practically climbing over his back and over his shoulder. He did, however LOVE decorating cookies...if by "decorating cookies" one means sticking your entire hand into the bowl of icing and licking it off repeatedly! ;)Christmas Eve we went to Church and then stayed over at mom and dad's house that night. Thankfully, Santa knew where to find us and all toys were delivered and ready to be played with by morning! Hampton was a little hesitant at first--wouldn't you be with cameras and 5 people in your face saying "Come see what Santa got you!!"--but once he saw all his fun stuff, we couldn't get him away! This year was so fun. Even the difference between his birthday and Christmas was noticeable. He dove into his pile of presents for the first time ever! Of course, each present was a distraction for a few minutes (and so were the sausage cheese biscuits- holy moly did he love those!), but then he would refocus and rip into the next one! Such joy!! Later in the day, my grandparents from both sides, and dad's brother, sister and her family came to have dinner. That was a fun, loud time, but Hampton got to play with his 2nd cousin Izzie, who thought he was just the best thing ever! It was just a low key day at home with family--and I couldn't have asked for anything more!
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