Saturday, February 26, 2011

17 months!

I'm a few days late, but what can I say...I'm busy!

My little monkey is getting bigger, and smarter, and well, even cuter with every passing month! (What? It's TRUE!) Is it possible to love him even more? 'Cause I do! :) This past month, Hampton has really grown. Seriously, he's had a major growth spurt, and I'm starting to question if we're going to be able to make it through the spring in the 18 month clothes I have for him! His vocabulary is growing by the day, and he's becoming much more vocal (though lots of it is still "Chinese"!). This kid is so loving. He gives hugs and kisses to anyone who asks (and, as we learned with a new friend on the playground recently, even those who don't!). He adores his daddy, but prefers to snuggle up with me. I don't mind! He's always "on" and doesn't sit down for longer than a few minutes. Even the nursery teachers at church comment about how he "doesn't walk, he runs"! With the weather being so nice recently, we've thoroughly enjoyed time at the park and being outside. Although, it's almost guaranteed that a tantrum will ensue when we have to come inside. Thank goodness they're short lived! Since we obviously can't get in the pool yet, bath time has to do. Hampton loves to splash, lay on his tummy and practice kicking, dipping his face under and blowing bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, if he even sees a bottle of bubbles, he flips out until somebody opens it and starts blowing. "Bubas" are definitely a favorite! He loves dogs and is quite a show off in front of strangers. The little things that he does each day just amaze me, like when we were reading the book "Find the Puppy" the other night, he just started pointing to the puppy on each page! Who knew, he's actually been learning something!

I love you, sweet baby boy. Your smile melts my heart each day, and your hugs and kisses can not be beat!(He was giving hugs and kisses to his bear in this one!)

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ashley said...

His Uncle Adam really likes all of his Rock-N'-Roll outfits!

~Jess said...

He's adorable! He looks so much like you!