Monday, March 28, 2011

18 months...better late than never

I have a year-and-a-half old little boy. And that is exactly what he is--alllll BOY!! What fun he is, too! The monkey had his 18 month well visit on Wednesday, and he is such a little ham. All the nurses and Dr. H love him. After she gave him a good look over, Dr. H picked him up and said she needed some loving, and he gave her a big old hug and kiss! Poor Felicia, the nurse that came in next to give him his 2 shots, didn't get the same love, but he did give her a sweet wave and the most pitiful "bubye" when she was done. He has a mouth full of teeth, and we're pretty sure at least 1 of his 2-year molars is trying to make its way through (hello drool!). He weighed in at 27 pounds (70%) and is 34 inches tall (90%)!! Such a big boy!

Hampton is becoming a lot more verbal these days. He still doesn't have much to say unless he is asked to say it, but every once in a while we'll get a little surprise from him. He's started to repeat a lot of words when asked, will point out different parts of his body (and when you say mouth, rather than pointing, he yells! ha!), and will tell us what noises different animals make.

His favorite thing EVER is to be outside. And bubbles. Anytime we open the door, he runs out and yells "BUBBLES"!! It is so funny! Balls come in an extremely close second to bubbles. He always wants to wear his rain boots b/c they have balls on them. He'll bring them to me and say "Shoes. Ball. Out. BUBBLES!!!!"

He also started daycare this past month. He really seems to like it, and the teacher has great things to say about how he interacts with the other kids. I was so worried, so it makes me feel so much better that he has taken to it so well.

When asked if he has said good morning/good night/hi/etc. to Baby Colton, he stops in his tracks, comes over to me and lifts my shirt, pats my belly and gives it a big kiss! I can't put into words how adorable that is! (I hope he still feels this way when another human is actually around!!)

Each day is a new adventure, and I love learning right along with my little guy.

Pictures were quite the task this month...I tried 2 days in a row!
Sorry, Mr. Bear, I think your monthly picture days may be over!
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Baby For Ballerina said...

I can't believe how big he's gotten!! Love it!