Monday, August 18, 2008

No polyps & No answers

I'm back from the RE and everything looks perfect-yay for no polyps! But boo for no answers.

My doc kept talking about what we would do different next time...longer protocol starting out on lower med doses, metformin, etc. (This is b/c I stimmed so fast the first time, almost too fast--He's thinking possibly an egg issue?). How did he come up with the idea of a possible egg issue? I have no idea! Of course, all of this talk pertains to a fresh cycle--going through the BCP, all the shots, ER, ET-the works!

I was really confused and asked, "What about our 5 frozen embryos?" He didn't seem very optimistic about doing another FET, but said we could try that again. He lowered our chances to 25% w/ FET. Crap. He all but said it probably wasn't going to happen with FET, but said because of the money-$13,000 compared to $3,000-he would opt to do another one. We can't afford another fresh cycle right now, so that is really our only choice. :(

So, even though I had no polyps, we got pretty crappy news. I'm just feeling so down.


t.bird said...

i'm sorry- not having answers sucks- i really wish there was a reason we can't seem to get pregnant. ugh.

good luck- you're in my prayers as usual :)

izzabelly said...

I'm sorry you got such crappy news. I have much more hope for you and Jordan than what was given! I'll keep you in my prayers.