Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And we're off!

Tentative Schedule for FET #2!

September 5-9 Estrace 1mg twice daily
September 10-13 Estrace 2mg twice daily
September 14-16 Estrace 2mg three times daily
September 17 Estradiol and progesterone levels drawn, u/s
If cleared : Progesterone injection 1cc in the am
Dexamethasone .5mg at bedtime
Doxycycline 100mg twice daily
Estrace 2mg three times daily
Prenatal vitamins and Baby Aspirin
September 18-23 Progesterone injection 1cc in the am and pm
All other meds stay the same
September 24 Egg Transfer!
Continue Estrace three times daily
Take the last Dexamethasone and Doxycycline
Progesterone injection 1cc in the am
Prometrium 200mg vaginally at bedtime
Continue prenatal vitamin and baby aspirin

Please say prayers, send vibes, do whatever you do... :)

Ahh...if we could only go back 3 years where I thought all it would take to make a baby was to have sex. Silly sex ed teachers--you left some things out!


stacey said...

Good vibes, well wishes and prayers are all headed your way!!

t.bird said...

it's crazy how diff. everyone's protocols are- weird- yay though!!!
my fingers are crossed for you!

Rachel said...

I'm so excited! You'll have embies in you in no time!!