Friday, September 5, 2008

So, Dad...I need $2800...

After my first FET failed, I was so upset/stressed. My parents had paid for that cycle, and although I am incredibly thankful, I hated that it was $2800 of their money that basically got flushed down the toilet. As soon as we found out the test was negative, I started calculating when we could have (a spare) $2800 by. My answer--not anytime soon :(. I was very stressed and dad kept saying, "You don't need to worry about it. It will be taken care of. You can't worry about it." So, finally I accepted that we can't do this on our own and my parents are willing to help out. As much as I hate the idea of this failing again, and my parents being out that much more money, I happily accept the charity. (Who wouldn't?) It is awkward to bring it up though.

Here's how my convo went with dad this morning:

Me: Hey dad! Watcha working on?
Dad: Nothing really, what's up?
Me: I started my medicine this morning! I just wanted to make sure everything was good to go.
Dad: Oh, good! It isn't going to conflict with the Denver trip?
Me: No, I'll be fine. But I don't want to get too far in if there is going to be a problem. I mean. Well...I need the money.
Dad: Oh yeah. Crap. When? Today?
Me: No, not today, but before the transfer. So, in the next week or 2.
Dad: Ask your mom. Tell her I'm paying the taxes.

(haha. I love my dad)

So, MOM...I need $2800...


stacey said...

Thank goodness for generosity. My parents paid $5k of our IVF, and I felt so bad "wasting" their money. Hope this is the last you have to borrow, unless of course it is for the nursery:o)

stacey said...

Hey Rebekah. I tagged you in my blog:o)

Rachel said...

I love how generous they are! My parents would have done it in a heartbeat if they had the money...